From an emissions perspective the introduction of fresh air into the flow can certainly make the exhaust gases appear more dilute when measured. Today I learned that the Aprilia SR models can be derestricted for a few bucks, and will run 45MPH that way. ... We also gained a little speed but our next derestriction will help much more. )/ procedure per le riparazioni del veicolo vengono comu- nicate a tutti i Punti Vendita aprilia e alle Filiali nel Se è necessario far funzionare il motore per poter effet- Mondo. This is an especially high risk with tuned engines that run lean. This will stop and air from entering the carb through this pipe. Kontakta oss på för mer information - vi svarar på alla mail. If this isn't present and ur RS doesn't do anymore than 55-60mph then i don't know how to derstrict ur bike - consult ur local Aprilia dealer. Original Poster. Hello, I picked up a 2013 Aprilia SR MT 50 around 3 weeks now and was wondering about derestriction, etc. The bikes CDI/ECU unit tries to mitigate this risk by only activating the air solenoid at appropriate times and this model of Piaggio has the addition of a cylinder head temperature sensor which, when the cylinder head temperature gets too high de-activates the solenoid which closes the air-circuit to richen the fuel mixture and bring the cylinder temperature back down. The 1999-2007 Aprilia SR50 with the Morini DiTech engine has 2 restrictions, the 2009 and forward SR50 with the Piaggio engine has 3. When the variator can no longer change gear ratio the only way for the road speed to increase is for the engine speed to increase. This is of course because 2 strokes are noisy, smelly and much less efficient than the 4-strokes and manufacturers have found it increasingly impossible to make them comply with ever more stringent European emissions regulations. You can buy your Aprilia SR 50 parts online and we will deliver them to the UK and worldwide. here is a quote from the review: "The 50cc option is Piaggio’s Hi-PER2 that has a long scooter history inside models like the Vespa ET2 50, Aprilia SportCity One 50 Street, the first generation of Piaggio Typhoon 50 and pretty much every other 2-stroke 50cc model from the Piaggio group sold in the past decade. Aprilia claims several firsts for the SR50 in the scooter market, including 13 inch wheels, liquid cooling, double disc braking, and a direct injection engine. The solenoid will still operate but will now have no effect on the fuel mixture allowing you to continue to step 2. Pedparts UKUnit 6, Bristol Vale Trd Est.,Hartcliffe WayBristolEnglandBS3 5RJ. Look at photos. All rights reserved. thanks for the reply. Step 1: Removing the air addition circuit.This new air circuit makes the bike run too lean when derestricted; in order to properly derestrict or even begin to tune the scooter we need to remove this system.There are a couple of options to disable the system: The next restriction that needs to be removed is in the variator. Derestricting a Euro4 Piaggio 50cc 2-Stroke ScooterThis blog details how to derestrict the newer Euro4 versions of the Piaggio 50cc 2-stroke scooters, additionally allowing further tuning possibilities.We have used a Piaggio Typhoon 50cc 2-stroke scooter for this blog, but the principle can be equally applied to other Euro 4 Piaggio engineed scooters such as  Piaggio NRG Power, Aprilia SR50R and SR Motard, which are restricted in a similar fashion. Aprilia’s SR50 is the Italian firm’s most basic, affordable sports scooter has a lot going for it. Our website offers a full range of Genuine, OEM, Custom & Performance Aprilia SR 50 spare parts. Step 3: Fitting a power pipe.Now we have derestricted the Typhoon we are able to exploit power pipes (sports exhausts) and other tuning options. Find a dealer and book an appointment. Fast vehicles are dangerous. This site uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and to show you relevant ads. Consequently it is much safer for the engine to run at 30mph when derestricted rather than 30mph when restricted because the engine will be running at lower revs as it was originally designed to do so! Out of 100 dyno runs, 98 of them will end up with a size 68 jet. Don’t be duped into thinking that the Aprilia SX 50 is a lightweight on two wheels. Gilla, kommentera och prenumerera gärna! Including Premium Performance ECU CDI. Otherwise technically identical to the Premium version with stainless steel manifold. With the Leo Vince TT fitted and correctly jetted, the scooter made the same power as the older conventional Piaggio engines and happily exceed 50mph at a safe fuel/air mixture. Removing the restrictor allows for higher top speeds without the engine over-revving. Derestriction rides? The other end of the pipe going back to the solenoid can be left open and tied up somewhere or just removed. To find out more, please review our privacy policy. Disable: alternatively to disable the system you can simply cut the black and white wire on the ECU/CDI. (Mopeden på filmen är en SR 50 DiTech från 2001, är ni intresserade av hur det ser ut på nyare modeller; vänligen se vår andra video)----We provide ECU derestriction services for Aprilia 50cc owners in Stockholm, Sweden. The Aprilia SR 50 R is one of the most popular sports scooters developed by Aprilia. Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used motorcycles, used roadbikes, used dirt bikes, scooters, and mopeds for sale. The Leo Vince TT exhaust typically requires rollers approx 1.5 grams lighter than the standard ones, our Typhoon showed the best results on the dyno with 4.8 gram rollers fitted which is typical for Piaggio 50cc with a sports pipe and standard cylinder kit .Historically a Piaggio 50cc engine previous to these Euro 4 ones with a sports pipe fitted when run on our dyno will nearly always jet perfectly with a 68 jet fitted. The SR50 continues to use 13 inch wheels along with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. If you continue past the basic derestriction process and add any number of performance parts available for the SR50 you will need to re-tune the CVT. Buy original, new parts for a SR50 scooter from Europe’s Number 1 spare parts provider - MSP. If you have any questions about your vehicle, contact your Local aprilia Dealer, as he will have the First edition: January 2005 very latest technical information available from the factory. Can you get it done at a dealer ship? This will stop the solenoid from operating allowing you to continue to step 2. Previously Piaggio fitted a removeable ring which could simply be removed from the variator bush but now this is incorporated as part of the bush. Free USPS Delivery for all US website orders over $199 (48 lower states only) In stock US warehouse items, despatched same business day. Priser från 400 kronor. Plus will you need like new brakes etc If you are interested in seeing how it's done on newer models of the SR 50, please have a look at our other video. Page 1 Page 1 Friday, February 18, 2005 5:32 PM SR 50 8202439...; Page 2 MAIN INDEPENDENT CONTROLS given in this manual. 38420 because this kit comes with a chromed steel manifold. Simply fitting a sports pipe and performing basic de-restrictions can double the power of a standard 50cc Piaggio moped and unleash its top speed from a learner legal 30mph to a far more exhilarating 55mph all for less than £100.In contrast you would struggle to get a 10% power increase from an already much less powerful 4-stroke moped for the same investment , nor will the 4-stroke lend the experience, noise and vitality of the tuned 2-stroke as it hits its high revving powerband invoking envy from it's 4-stroke peers (who realise now they bought the wrong bike) and hate from the neighbours mourning the loss of their silence.The 2-stroke days are numbered though, on the date of writing the only 2-stroke mopeds still in production in the UK are Aprilia SR50R, SR Motard, Piaggio NRG Power and Typhoon. © Pedparts 2021. How are Euro4 Piaggio 2-stroke 50cc scooters different from previous versions? This incorporates an electronic air addition system: A pipe going into the carburettor allows air to be drawn into the carb, the extra air leans the fuel mixture at certain times subsequently reducing emissions and increasing fuel economy. Inspect technical data. Show any 2018 Aprilia SR 50 R for sale on our Motorcycle Classifieds. In order to achieve the scooters full top speed this therefore needs to be removed.You have a couple of options you can do: Once we have removed the additional air system and variator restrictor we are 'derestricted', the scooter will now go significantly over 40mph comfortably. There’s also a higher-spec SR 50 R and SR 50 R Factory. If you’re OK with that, just continue. Aprilia uses cookie technology – including from third parties – to provide visitors with the best possible experience when using the website. Discover Aprilia SR R 50: consult the technical data sheet, consumption, prices and colors available. I mean can you send my a link to a tutorial vid or someit? i wouldnt swap it 4 and other 50cc its reliable. FedEx and UPS Express Options available, please ask … 1 posts. In this video, we show you how it's done on a '01 SR 50 DiTech. Also for: Sr 150 - 1999, Sr 50 - 1999, Sr 125 1999, Sr 150 1999, Sr 50 1999. Aprilia SR 50 DiTech Gameboytrim / ECU Derestriction - YouTube I fell off last Friday , with minimal damage to the scooter, although I have noticed that I now seem to somehow have lost acceleration and maybe even a little top speed. A Leo Vince TT is a basic budget sports pipe which will almost double the hp compared to the standard Piaggio exhaust. Relevance. If you have any questions about your vehicle, contact your Reprint: September 2006/A Local aprilia Dealer, as he will have the very latest technical information available from the factory. Complete derestriction kit, at a lower price compared to the premium kit No. I have an Aprilia SR 50 R (13 Plate) paggio engine, I was just wondering how I could derestrict it? This is satisfactory on our standard restricted Piaggio Typhoon, but the risk of seizure becomes high when you start to derestrict or modify it and it needs to be removed or disabled if you are planning on doing any tuning work. 103 months. Read the riders' comments at the bike's discussion group.And check out the moped's reliability, repair costs, etc. EBC SFA193 Replacement Brake Pad Set for SR50 Ditech / Mojito 50 / Aerox 50-100 / PGO Ligero $ 25.00 EBC SFA298 Replacement Brake Pad Set for Aprilia SR50R (F+R) / SR50 Ditech (R) Scarabeo 200 (R) Also can I buy a different ECU for the bike that's unrestricted and if so where from? At this point we are now free to explore further tuning options like fitting a sports exhaust. If you prefer you can do both of these steps! Click to enlarge: The next 2 restrictions that can be removed are mechanical. Does anyone else know if there are any 50cc bikes that can also be desrestricted? Step 2: Removing the variator restrictor.The variator restrictor makes the scooter over-rev at higher road speeds; as the revs get higher and higher the scooter makes less and less power which in turn limits the top speed. i think the aprilia SR50 DI TEC is an amazing scooter mine only does about 50 mph screamin its lil engine off sayin that its only got a performance exaust on it mind. In order to comply with strict Euro 4 emission regulations the last version of the Piaggio 50cc 2-stroke engine features a new 'electronic carb'. Answer Save. Think trying to go 100mph in a car without using 4th or 5th gear. Derestricting a scooter makes it faster and therefore more dangerous to ride. Anonymous. Find Aprilia Sr50s for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. Cut the air pipe shown in the above pic a few cm's back from the carb and plug the open end with something (screws have a thread which the air can leak past, the shoulder of a bolt is better). Priser från 400 kronor. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. SR 125 - 1999 motorcycle pdf manual download. As you browse for your Aprilia SR 50 parts we have provided images to help you locate your Aprilia SR 50 spares and detail how they fit your Aprilia bike. Block it: you can just block the pipe. Buying a bike starts at Bikez Get a list of related motorbikes before you buy this Aprilia. Page 1 Manuale d'officina Manual de taller Service and repair manual aprilia part # 8140212 SR 50 963X...; Page 2 Le principali modifiche tecniche e modifiche alle /33)$/ $) #!2"/. Aprilia RS4 50 De-restriction. always has the largest selection of New or Used Aprilia … Reply Reply Author. In contrast to their 4-stroke counterparts, 2-stroke scooter engines can be easily and cheaply tuned to see a very significant increase in power. 5 Answers. About: Aprilia Motorcycles. In 2003 Aprilia switched production of the SR50 from using a Morini engine in favour of the Piaggio 50cc liquid cooled 2-stroke HI-PER2 engine which is favoured for its reliability and tuning possibilities. The clutch is one of your transmissions components and before we start tuning the transmission, we need to first understand what the clutch does and why it was designed the way it was. Cookie policy. The cone restricts the amount of air entering the engine - effectively starving the engine of oxygen (less oxygen means a smaller bang and visa versa). Page 1 SR 50 8202439...; Page 2 MAIN INDEPENDENT CONTROLS given in this manual. When we ran this newer Euro4 engine it jetted correctly with a 6mm 64 main jet , this is with the plate in the carburettor removed (the little brass plate that sits in the mouth of the carb which is visible with the airbox removed). View and Download APRILIA SR 125 - 1999 manual online. Long time lurker/reader, had a motorcycle license in the US for 3+ years, ride every day. This is the basic Aprilia SR 50, called the SR 50 Street. The SR 50 incorporates numerous technical solutions derived directly from Aprilia’s world-beating maxi, to bring you the tops in equipment and the highest level of active safety you can get. Terms. View our entire inventory of New or Used Aprilia Motorcycles. Aprilia SR50 Parts & Spares – Only Genuine Parts Sold – Guaranteed. There are heavy fines and you might loos… Introduced in 1992, more than 800,000 units have been sold, bucking the trend for less use of two-stroke engines. The restrictor ring or (restricted bush) works by blocking the variator in the scooters transmission from fully moving out, preventing the scooter from ever getting into its top gear ratio, (this is like removing 4th and 5th gear on a car). 7 years ago. Leaving the other end connected to the carb. The 2-stroke days are numbered though, on the date of writing the only 2-stroke mopeds still in production in the UK are Aprilia SR50R, SR Motard, Piaggio NRG Power and Typhoon. Vi GAMEBOYTRIMMAR, UPPDATERAR och FELSÖKER alla Aprilia SR 50 DiTech & SR 50 R Factory i Stockholm och angränsande län. When fitting a powerpipe it is necessary to rejet (increase the size of the main jet in the carb) and also to fit lighter rollers to enable the variator to operate at slightly higher rpm than standard. Aprilia Sr 50 Motorcycles For Sale: 5 Motorcycles - Find Aprilia Sr 50 Motorcycles on Cycle Trader. Topcat60. Privacy Policy. View and Download APRILIA SR 50 workshop manual online. Lathe: if you have access to a lathe or have a helpful local machine shop you can have the restrictor ring turned down to the same outer diameter as the bush (20mm). Discussion. The Aprilia SR50 is a scooter built by Aprilia. SR 50 scooter pdf manual download. To complete our Typhoon we fitted a Leo Vince TT . Also would it be cheaper just to get a big bore kit? Vi GAMEBOYTRIMMAR, UPPDATERAR och FELSÖKER alla Aprilia SR 50 DiTech \u0026 SR 50 R Factory i Stockholm och angränsande län. Also your insurance might not cover you anymore.Removing restrictions and riding a scooter without having a valid drivers license is illegal. Always ride within your limits and be aware that you might need a different drivers license when a scooter exceeds a certain speed or engine capacity. Browse Aprilia Motorcycles. Friday 25th December 2015. okay, i am now 17 and want to derestrict my aprilia rs 50, but i read somewhere it was hard? The air flow of this pipe is controlled by a solenoid which in turn is controlled by the bikes ECU/ CDI.A bike with a leaner fuel mixture of course uses less fuel in proportion to oxygen and in theory the additional oxygen content is said also to help burn off any unburnt fuel in the exhaust. This comes at a cost though, a lean mixture can cause the piston to run hot... the piston can subsequently over-expand and can seize inside the cylinder in which it is suddenly too big to move up and down within. Easier option: you can buy an unrestricted. How do you de-restrict an aprilia sr 50 r?